Barnard College, New York, NY     BA       1959

NYU, New York, NY                         MA      1971


2003 – 2004    In 2003 taught journalism at NYU, gave a lecture and reading at Pace, and a reading/slide/lecture for the Council on the Arts in Shreveport, Louisiana. Was among the readers featured at the Poets House People’s Poetry Gathering; read and lectured at Syracuse and Le Moyne College. In 2004 read for the Word Thursday awards ceremony, and at the Willendorf main branch of the Brooklyn Library. Read my work and William Matthew’s at the annual memorial reading in his memory at CCNY and read in an anti-war reading sponsored by PEN, the writers’ organization against censorship. Read in Detroit for M. L. Leiber. I prepared my next book for Copper Canyon, where it is now being considered.

2001 – 2002    An interview with Karen Swenson by Susan McInnis appeared in Glimmer Train’s winter 2000 issue. In 2001 was the Eckles Visiting Professor at Weber State College in Utah and the Rea J. Fox Distinguished Professor of Arts and Literature at Centenary College in Louisiana. Also in 2001 gave readings at the University of Idaho, the University of Colorado, Boulder, the Community Library in Ketchum, the main library in Salt Lake City, the Broward Library in Fort Lauderdale Florida and the Scarsdale Library, New York. In November 2001 lectured and taught at the Baptist College of Oklahoma for the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. Gave a reading and lecture in 2002 at the Nielson-Hays Library in Bangkok and received a grant from the Lannon Foundation for a two month residency at their artist colony in Marfa, TX. Taught at Hendrix College in Arkansas in the spring 2002. Taught and gave lectures at Chautauqua in the summer of 2002. Designated a Fulbright Senior Specialists.

1996 – 2000    Taught and lectured for the Woodrow Wilson Foundation at liberal arts colleges, Union, Central, Centenary, around the U.S. Ran a workshop at Chautauqua in the summer of 1998. Gave lectures at the Columbia School of Journalism on traveling in Asia and writing about it for newspapers and magazines. Gave lectures at Thammasat University, Bangkok and the University of Calcutta in 1995 and 1998. Taught a course on Contemporary American Women Poets at Barnard College in the fall of 1999. Interviewed by Phebe Davidson for the book, Conversations with the World, published by Trilogy Books. Acted as a consultant to the National Geographic. Participated in the Poet’s House benefit-walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with Galway Kinnell, Yusef Komunyakaa and Stanley Kunitz.

 1989 – 1995    Became a professional journalist. Published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Leader, Diversion and other publications. My area of expertise is Southeast Asia. Fellow at Yaddo, in 1990 at the Albee Foundation and at Yaddo. In 1993 nominated for the Pushcart Prize by William Matthews and Philip Appleman and won The National Poetry Series Open Competition with “The Landlady in Bangkok”, was published in 1994 by Copper Canyon Press. In December 1994 was a Visiting Writer at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and in 1996 taught at high schools around Salt Lake City and gave readings at colleges in the area.

1982 – 1988    Taught creative writing at The City College of the City of New York as well as at Fordham College, Lincoln Center. 1983 poet on staff at the Rhode Island Writers’ Conference. 1987 nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Philip Appleman, received an Honorable Mention from the Arvon Award in England and was a Fellow at Yaddo. 1988 nominated for the Pushcart Prize by William Matthews, Ken Gangemi and Andrew Hudgins and received an Honorable Mention there as well as from the Ann Stanford Award at USC. Acted as award’s judge for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

1980 – 1982    Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, Scripps College.

1979 – 1980    Poet-in-Residence at the University of Idaho teaching on both undergraduate and graduate levels. Poet-in-Residence at the University of Denver again teaching both undergraduate and graduate levels. Directed the Aspen Writers’ Conference. Served on a panel advising the Colorado Council on the Arts.

1978 – 1979    Gave readings in colleges and universities throughout Idaho, Montana, Colorado, teaching from third grade through high school as a Poet-in-the-Schools in those states as well as in Nebraska. Poet on staff of the Aspen Writers’ Conference.

 1977 – 1978    Poet-in-Residence at Skidmore College. Poet on staff of the Aspen Writers’ Conference and the Kentucky Writers’ Conference.

 1976 – 1977    Poet-in-Residence at Clark University. Poet on staff of the Aspen Writers’ Conference and the Cape Cod Writers’ Conference.

1968 – 1976    Lecturer and Instructor part and full-time at The City College of the City of New York in Creative Writing at both graduate and undergraduate levels. In 1974 I received the Trans-Atlantic Fellowship to Breadloaf. Taught at Breadloaf, replacing Marvin Bell. Judged several times for the New York Foundation for the Arts and Academy of American Poets.



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